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The Woodbury Jewish Center stood out from the twenty-five other halls that we saw because of its modern design and elegance. We particularly liked the fireplace and candle-lit tables in the cocktail room. The reception room stood out for its nightclub-like lighting, as did the shul (sanctuary), with its tall and airy ceiling, and natural light.

The Florist
Spitz and Peck will be creating all the floral arrangements and decorations. We selected centerpieces for each of the dinner tables which guests can share and take home. Each centerpiece will be made up of several smaller containers, so please split them up with your fellow guests.

The Band
The Ken Gross Orchestra featuring Yoel Sharabi (an established Israeli musician) will be playing a variety of music including 80's rock and pop and swing music.

The Photographer
Scott Whittle will be our photographer. We liked Scott's natural and crisp photo-journalistic style that captures an event as is.

Managing Your Information
With Miriam's parents living outside Boston, Miriam herself living in Somerville, Massachusetts, Rajiv in Brookline, and his parents in Brooklyn, New York, it was clear early on that something would have to be done to allow all of us to share information about the wedding guests. Rajiv designed and created a Filemaker Pro database to track invitations, guests, and their contact information. The information in this database was also used in the invitation printing process. Miriam coded a web-based front-end to this database which allowed the wedding party to log in from anywhere and enter information on their own guests.

For security reasons, the Filemaker Pro system is separate from the one used to drive this web site.

Behind the Invitations
We designed our own invitations in order to achieve a hand-crafted, elegant look. Rajiv typeset the invitation, response card, and reply envelope using the Poetica font family from Adobe Systems. Each swash character was hand picked and kerned. We had a magnesium plate made direct from digital files. Innerer Klang Press used that plate to letter press each invitation by hand. Letter pressing is one of the oldest methods of printing. In a letter press, the printer inks the plate and literally presses it into the paper to make each impression.

For the outside of the invitation card, we had a custom rubber stamp made by Logan Stamp Works. Miriam made each bow with the pearl in the middle and stamped each invitation with the stamp.

To create the personalized directions card, Rajiv typeset the text and drew the map in Adobe Illustrator. After converting it to an Acrobat PDF file, form fields were added. Using a custom PHP script, individual FDF files (form data files containing your name, user name, and password) were generated from data store in the Filemaker Pro database. The PDF and FDF files were then merged. The cards were printed 2-up on vellum sheets, then cut and folded.

The outside and inside envelopes were laser-printed directly from FileMaker Pro. We would like to thank The Boston Jewish Film Festival for the gracious use of their facilities, which we used to print the invitation envelopes and direction cards.

Creating the Web Site
Rajiv created the visual design and coded this entire site, including the back-end programming for the login area which allows a user to get customized directions and check whether or not we have received his or her RSVP. Miriam wrote most of the content and consulted on the information architecture of the site. The data used to run this site was extracted from Filemaker Pro in XML format and is served by Apache/PHP with the PHP.XPath library, all running on Linux. This site is hosted at Imagineblue, a private Internet services provider run by Rajiv for the Manglani family and friends.

For security reasons, this web site does not connect directly to Filemaker Pro. The PHP code on this site performs only data "reads" from XML documents and does not give hackers any opportunity to modify your personal data.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the invitations and the web site! Please email us at wedding@imagineblue.com.

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